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Well, I am now finally and officially done with college. I walked last night. It was really interesting how different high school and college graduations are. Advertisements

Top 5 Favorite Classes in College

I just finished up my last class of my college career last week. I thought it might be nice to reflect on the classes that I enjoyed as a way to ‘celebrate’. The classes are in no particular order. 1. Children’s Literature I think this really sealed the deal on me wanting to somehow work […]

Love and Vampires

I was walking onto campus today minding my own business. A seemingly normal guy walked alongside me. About the time we made it on to campus he started talking to me. This is roughly what transpired:

It Finally Feels Like Fall

I believe we had a cold front come in last night and with it came the rain and thunder. I’ve never been a fan of thunder. I know it’s silly because thunder is just a sound and it can’t hurt me but I’m still a bit scared by it. Last night was pretty bad at […]

Technology Can Suck It

I know there are some good things about it but then there are the things that someone obviously didn’t think through. Example: At first you might laugh because let’s be honest it’s a bit funny but when it happens to you it SUCKS. One of the brand new buildings at school has these “fancy” lights […]

The Life of a Daily Lobo

“The Life of a Daily Lobo” is a short film I worked on for my CJ 269 class. It took us about an hour to shoot the whole thing.

The Riveter

Spring 2008 I had the opportunity to work on a short student film. The Riveter is a horror/slasher film about a group of kids who decide to visit a local rail yard. This is the movie trailer we made for the film. I was a Production Assistant and Head Make-Up Artist for the film.