Well, I am now finally and officially done with college. I walked last night. It was really interesting how different high school and college graduations are. Advertisements

Top 5 Favorite Classes in College

I just finished up my last class of my college career last week. I thought it might be nice to reflect on the classes that I enjoyed as a way to ‘celebrate’. The classes are in no particular order. 1. Children’s Literature I think this really sealed the deal on me wanting to somehow work […]

Final Project

Final project. The fish pictures are mine. I edited and re-sized the pictures in Photoshop. I also matched theĀ  color of the text to the yellow in on the fish. This would go along with the other poster I made as a line of posters to go in library or a bookstore.

The Riveter Movie Poster

The poster from The Riveter. I did not make the poster but the photograph is mine.

Photoshop Project

A Photoshop project I made. I found the picture of the jungle online. The picture of the little boy is my photograph. I enhanced the color and re-sized the photo in Photoshop.

The Life of a Daily Lobo

“The Life of a Daily Lobo” is a short film I worked on for my CJ 269 class. It took us about an hour to shoot the whole thing.

The Riveter

Spring 2008 I had the opportunity to work on a short student film. The Riveter is a horror/slasher film about a group of kids who decide to visit a local rail yard. This is the movie trailer we made for the film. I was a Production Assistant and Head Make-Up Artist for the film.