My nerd meter hits a new high

Or maybe a low? I never really pay attention to how “nerdy” I can be unless it’s staring me in my face. Then I have that lovely realization of “Oh I guess I’m that girl.” Today was one of those days. Tonight at midnight, summer classes open for registration. Over the last 4 years, I’ve […]

I guess I can’t say that my life is never interesting

One of my many awesome talents is being able to attract weird people. Here’s this week’s story: I was in the library reading on my Kindle before I was going to meet my friend (Little Brother by Cory Doctorow if you’re interested). As anyone could see by walking by, I was engrossed in my reading […]

Love and Vampires

I was walking onto campus today minding my own business. A seemingly normal guy walked alongside me. About the time we made it on to campus he started talking to me. This is roughly what transpired:

Technology Can Suck It

I know there are some good things about it but then there are the things that someone obviously didn’t think through. Example: At first you might laugh because let’s be honest it’s a bit funny but when it happens to you it SUCKS. One of the brand new buildings at school has these “fancy” lights […]