Well, I am now finally and officially done with college. I walked last night. It was really interesting how different high school and college graduations are. Advertisements

My nerd meter hits a new high

Or maybe a low? I never really pay attention to how “nerdy” I can be unless it’s staring me in my face. Then I have that lovely realization of “Oh I guess I’m that girl.” Today was one of those days. Tonight at midnight, summer classes open for registration. Over the last 4 years, I’ve […]

This is something that has always bothered me

I’ve heard it said time and time again over my life that college is supposedly “the best years of your life.” Now as I’m drawing closer to the end of my college days, I’m thinking about it more often. Surely, this can’t be true, right? How in the world is 4 years of listening to […]

I guess I can’t say that my life is never interesting

One of my many awesome talents is being able to attract weird people. Here’s this week’s story: I was in the library reading on my Kindle before I was going to meet my friend (Little Brother by Cory Doctorow if you’re interested). As anyone could see by walking by, I was engrossed in my reading […]

Love and Vampires

I was walking onto campus today minding my own business. A seemingly normal guy walked alongside me. About the time we made it on to campus he started talking to me. This is roughly what transpired:

It Finally Feels Like Fall

I believe we had a cold front come in last night and with it came the rain and thunder. I’ve never been a fan of thunder. I know it’s silly because thunder is just a sound and it can’t hurt me but I’m still a bit scared by it. Last night was pretty bad at […]

Technology Can Suck It

I know there are some good things about it but then there are the things that someone obviously didn’t think through. Example: At first you might laugh because let’s be honest it’s a bit funny but when it happens to you it SUCKS. One of the brand new buildings at school has these “fancy” lights […]