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Well, I am now finally and officially done with college. I walked last night. It was really interesting how different high school and college graduations are.

At high school graduation, there was a very strict dress code. If you didn’t meet it, you didn’t walk. Simple as that. At college graduation, apparently there was no dress code. Most people dressed up a bit. I was shocked though at how many people were just wearing jeans and sneakers. (They didn’t even wear nice jeans or sneakers either!) So weird.

At high school graduation, for the most part I knew everyone or at least recognized them. Of course, there were a handful of people that I had never seen before which was really odd. At college graduation, I really didn’t see anyone I knew. I think I saw 1 person I was friendly with and 2 people I went to school with years ago. That was it. I didn’t even see people that I mildly recognized from taking classes with them or passing them in the halls.

At high school graduation, they babied us. We were patted down to make sure we didn’t bring anything with us. We had a run through before the ceremony so everyone knew what to do. At college graduation, people did what they wanted. I saw way too many people actually texting while we were sitting on the floor listening to speeches. The only instructions we got were ‘Watch the person in front of you. Follow their lead.’

Fun (?) Fact: Apparently I was the only person in my major to graduate over the summer. My name looked lonely on the program, haha.

Despite all the differences, everything went smoothly. The heating actually worked inside the building. It wasn’t super cold outside. I didn’t fall on my face. We got a mariachi band. I got Krispy Kremes and hot chocolate afterwards. All is well.


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