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Top 5 Favorite Classes in College

I just finished up my last class of my college career last week. I thought it might be nice to reflect on the classes that I enjoyed as a way to ‘celebrate’. The classes are in no particular order.

1. Children’s Literature

I think this really sealed the deal on me wanting to somehow work with kids/young adult literature as a career. We had a lot of fun assignments. Every week we had to read. For half the semester we read 4 picture/easy reader books a week and the other half of the semester we read a chapter book/novel a week. We wrote our own Frog and Toad story. We made our own picture books. I loved everything about it. Definitely a great way to earn an ‘A’.

2. Greek Mythology

I’ve been fascinated with Greek Mythology since 8th grade so I jumped at the chance to earn a grade for learning about it. The class was really awesome and easy. The lectures were so much fun. The professor was hilarious and was able to teach at the same time. I was so amazed to learn how much of our modern world is influenced by Ancient Greece. The book was one of the best textbooks I’ve ever used. It explained the basics very well and was very amusing to read.

3. HBO Rome

After the Greek Mythology, I was still itching for more of the ancient world so I jumped at the chance to take this class. The basic set up was watch 1 episode of Rome one day and the professor lectured about it the other class day that week. It was really interesting because of how accurate the show portrayed what was happening in Rome during that time period. Even though this was a fun elective, I learned more about ancient Rome in this semester long class than I had in my entire life.

4. Young Adult Literature

This was another class that I was excited to take. Most of my free time reading is young adult books so reading them for a grade was really fun. I won’t go too much in to detail about it because I wrote more about it over here. The only problem I had was how short the class was! I wish I could have taken it as a semester long class.

5. Technical Introduction to Video Production

Several years ago, I was a media arts major. I live in Albuquerque which is turning to the hub for many television shows and movies. I thought it would be cool to work in the movie industry. This was my first and only class in the media arts. It was hard work. We learned the basics of how to use video cameras, sound equipment, the boards, and everything else needed to put together a video. The “work” was easy enough. We just had to participate, know the terms, and make a short film. My group set our sights high and opted to make a full length short film. In a semester, we wrote, shot, and edited a 22 minute short teen slasher movie. That was one of the hardest semesters of college. All of my spare time went to the movie. Looking back, I am proud of what we made but I now know that the movie industry is not for me. Here is the trailer if you want to check it out.

What were some of your favorite classes in college?


One comment on “Top 5 Favorite Classes in College

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