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My nerd meter hits a new high

Or maybe a low?

I never really pay attention to how “nerdy” I can be unless it’s staring me in my face. Then I have that lovely realization of “Oh I guess I’m that girl.” Today was one of those days.

Tonight at midnight, summer classes open for registration. Over the last 4 years, I’ve loved looking at all the classes and trying to figure out what I was going to take that semester. I always thought it was fun [nerd strike 1]. I can no longer do that. I only have 2 classes left so I really have no choice about what to take. To avoid working on homework, I decided to look through the course catalog.

Over the past year, I’ve become really fascinated with Ancient Greece/Rome. Seriously, all of it is so interesting. I’ve been known to come out of my HBO Rome class and spend way too much time reading up about Ancient Roman history on Wikipedia.  So naturally I was looking up what the Classics department has to offer. I had no idea we had Latin classes. All afternoon I’ve been thinking about how cool it would be to learn Latin [nerd strike 2] and wondering if I could have taken that instead of Spanish. I still think it would interesting to learn but close to useless because no one speaks Latin anymore. Maybe I’ll get some books on it after I’m out of school. [If I end up with a job in a library, I will be getting so many books on the topic, haha]

This afternoon, my friend posted on Facebook about us going out-of-town this summer to see Harry and the Potters. Yep, Harry and the Potters, a wizard rock band based on the Harry Potter series [nerd strike 3]. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it because of summer school but this is definitely something I would be down to do.  I will defend what little “coolness” I have left by saying that I really don’t listen to them and have only listened to them when my friend and I go to Harry Potter book or movie premiers.

Sadly, this is what my life has become. No wonder I’m still single.


One comment on “My nerd meter hits a new high

  1. I’m into my third year of Latin, and it’s an incredibly difficult language for one reason only: The declensions. There are an absurd amount of case endings to memorize, but that’s just it – if you memorize them, the language really isn’t so scary. And you’re correct about it being largely useless. It really is interesting, though. I find that most Roman literature is infinitely more interesting than early American and British literature. And it’s okay to be nerdy. I still am, too.

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