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Thursday Tea (March 3)

Thursday Tea is a weekly(-ish) meme hosted by Anastasia. To play along, all you need is a cup of tea, the book you’re currently reading, and the answers to the following questions: what tea are you drinking (and do you like it)? What book are you reading (and do you like it)? Tell us a little about your tea and your book, and whether or not you think the two go together.

The book: I’m currently reading The Demigod Files. I’m enjoying it so far but then again I absolutely love the Percy Jackson books. It’s a really easy read (which I need right now with school) because it only contains 3 short stories and little things like interviews with the characters.

The tea: I’m drinking some Earl Grey Lavender tea. It’s pretty good. The tea bags smell very lavender-y but the tea doesn’t taste very lavender-y. I only taste Earl Grey but that might be because I’m congested and can’t smell very well.

Do they go together? Not really. I usually think of Earl Grey as calm and mellow. Percy Jackson books are never calm and mellow. They are really action packed and there’s never a dull moment.

What’s your Thursday Tea?

If you’d like to participate, please feel free to use the image in your own post! Here’s a code for it; just copy-paste it into your own Thursday Tea post.

<a href="http://birdbrainbb.net/"><img border="0" src="http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/369/thursdayteanew.jpg"></a>


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