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About Glee

I know I’m not the only one who is seriously disappointed in the show. I hate just everything about it anymore.

The continuity basically doesn’t exist anymore. Things just happen for the sake of a joke.

Apparently the idea of sectionals/regionals doesn’t exist anymore. I thought that was one of the points of Glee? I don’t think anything has really been said about it this season except once or twice at the beginning.

One reason I really liked the show when it first started was that it was fairly realistic. Now the show is a complete joke. Thinking shooting a student out of a cannon is okay? Girls playing on the football team at the last minute? Serenading someone in their workplace? Crazy scenarios like this are commonplace on the show now.

Let’s not even talk about the music this season.

I’m about at the point that I’m just going to pretend that the show ends after the first 13 episodes. The show was great and had SO much potential then. But now it’s a complete joke.

I kind of wish that the show hadn’t been picked up after the first 13 episodes (or just one season would have been good).

What are your thoughts?


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