App Round Up

I got an iPod Touch last year for Christmas and since then I’ve become somewhat of a app fiend. I’m constantly download apps so here are a few that you should check out!

Facebook (free): Pretty self explanatory. My only problem is the updates tend to be buggy so I wait as long as possible before updating.

Fandango (free): Great for checking movie times when I’m not at home.

Yelp (free): Great for checking for places to eat or shop especially when I’m somewhere I’m not familiar with.

wikiHow (Free): I like this for finding random articles on how to do anything from how to make cookies to how to make a cardboard rubber band gun. What I really like about it is you can access the survival guide (how to treat a burn to how to preform CPR) and your bookmarks when you’re not hooked to the internet.

Words With Friends (Free or $2.99 without the ads): It’s basically like Scrabble. Username: Alison89

DoodleJump ($.99): Sooo addicting,

Flood-it (Free): Simple game. You have to flood the board to one color.

Hoggy (Free?):  Cute graphics and simple game.

Unblock Me Free (Free): Simple enough. You have to move the blocks to get the red block through the board. The free version has something like 500 levels so there’s no need to buy the full version.

Angry Birds ($.99): One of the best games for the iPod.

Scramble CE (Free): It’s basically like Boggle.

QRANK (Free): Awesome trivia game and the questions are relevant. The questions usually deal with something that is going on in news/media within a day or two. The only downside is you can play only once a day.

Textropolis (Free): Yet another word game. You find as many words as possible using the letters in different city names.

Diigo (Free): Syncs up your bookmarks from your account. You can even download your bookmarks so you can read the bookmarks when not connected to the internet.

HiFutureSelf (Free): Send messages to yourself in the future. They pop up like text messages.

StumbleUpon (Free): Same as the web version. Great for killing time.


I might continue doing this every few weeks when I find new apps.

What are some of your favorite apps?


3 comments on “App Round Up

  1. I, too, enjoy DoodleJump, wikiHow, and HiFutureSelf.

  2. Aren’t apps the freaking best? I have so many on my iPhone and I swear I don’t use like any of them.. haha they are just fun to have though!
    If you like games, you need to try Papijump. I also have Frogger and it’s super addicting but I had to pay a few dollars for it.

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