Free E-Books

I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the quality of free e-books on Amazon. I thought they would be crappy romance novels but so far the ones I’ve read have been really good.

I absolutely could not put Cool Beans down. I’m a bit bummed that the other books in the series aren’t cheaper. I highly recommend it because a) it’s still free and b) it’s a really good fun read.

I’m shocked at how much I like The Choice. Amish Romance doesn’t sound like something I’d like but this is pretty good. Sadly it’s no longer free but I’d still recommend reading it.

I still have like 10 classics to read and 6-7 modern books to read so I should be busy for a while. Silly school keeps getting in the way of my reading. 🙂

Do you have any recommendations of free e-books?


2 comments on “Free E-Books

  1. If you like sci-fi/technologic-y books you might like Cory Doctorow’s stuff– he always gives electronic copies of his books away for free. He also wrote a YA book last(?) year, Little Brother, which you might like. His site: craphound.com

    Also I guess if you like romance you might like Outlander? It should still be free on Amazon. It’s about a time-travelling nurse who goes back to the 1700s (I think) and she meets a Scottish dude and stuff happens. I haven’t read it yet but people love it, generally.

    Also I’m going to post a list of freebie books to my blog on Saturday! 😀

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