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Love and Vampires

I was walking onto campus today minding my own business. A seemingly normal guy walked alongside me. About the time we made it on to campus he started talking to me. This is roughly what transpired:

Him: Hey

Me: Hey

H: Are you excited about Halloween?

M: Not really. I’m not doing anything exciting for it.

H: Really?! It’s my favorite holiday

M: Oh cool

H: Are you dressing up?

M: Probably not. Maybe I’ll dress up to answer the door or something. How about you?

Here’s where it gets kinda weird

H: Yeah. I’m going to be a vampire.

Note: He said this like this was a very impressive feat and was very obviously hitting on me. He was acting like I should be swooning over him right now.

M: Oh, that’s cool

Note: I despise most vampire related things now because of Twilight so unless he was going as Dracula, being a vampire was a big flop to me.

H: It’s really cool. I got retractable fangs and everything.

M: *slightly horrified look*

H: Don’t worry about it. It’s not like they can break the skin or anything

M: [in my mind] Why are you telling me this? Of course they aren’t going to break my skin. You won’t be getting close enough to even try.

About this time I started walking a bit faster because I had to get to my next class but also because I was a little freaked out by this encounter. I guess he finally read my body language and figured out that I didn’t want to talk because he left me alone after this.

Part of me feels bad about acting this way because I know it takes courage to talk to someone you don’t know. The other part of me is a bit offended because: a) do I look like teeny bopper Twilight fan? Why else would I swoon over a vampire? b) We’re in our 20s. There are much cooler things to be than a vampire.

My classmates all had a good laugh at this story when I told them so I hope you enjoy it too!


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