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It Finally Feels Like Fall

I believe we had a cold front come in last night and with it came the rain and thunder. I’ve never been a fan of thunder. I know it’s silly because thunder is just a sound and it can’t hurt me but I’m still a bit scared by it. Last night was pretty bad at my house. Throughout the evening we heard thunder and saw lightning but it wasn’t too bad. Obviously right around the time I went to bed, the thunder got really loud. It sounded like it was right over my house. It was so loud that things in my room (pictures I think) were actually shaking. I can’t remember a storm that loud. So that was fun.

The cold front dropped the temperature here like 5-10 degrees which is nice. I’m tired of having really warm weather but I know in a few weeks I’ll be whining about being cold but for now it’s nice.

I didn’t actually realize how cool it would be today. My mom tried to warn me but being the smart one I am I ignored her thinking a long sleeve shirt would be enough. It wasn’t.

I have many hidden talents. Unfortunately, none of them are any good. One of them is ALWAYS being able to find the most air-conditioned spot in a building that doesn’t need the AC. Today was no different. I went to the library between classes to eat and just hang out. About 15 minutes of sitting there I realized that I was going to freeze my butt off but I decided to tough it out. Besides, I didn’t want to look stupid getting up and moving somewhere else inside the building.

After freezing for about an hour I walked to my next class. I savored that walk because it was pretty cool outside yet it was much warmer than the library. I was hoping the next class would be warmer or at least not have the air conditioner on but alas it was freezing too. I sucked it up for an hour shivering the entire time.

Note to self: it’s time to start wearing jackets.


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