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Technology Can Suck It

I know there are some good things about it but then there are the things that someone obviously didn’t think through. Example:

At first you might laugh because let’s be honest it’s a bit funny but when it happens to you it SUCKS. One of the brand new buildings at school has these “fancy” lights that are motion sensitive in them. I discovered it the hard way. I walked into the bathroom and it was dark so I tried finding the light switch. I walked in and the lights turn on. Oh that’s cool. I thought as I walked into a stall. About a minute into sitting the lights start to dim. Oh, no! Please don’t turn off on me I thought as I waved my arms frantically trying to turn the lights back on. When I saw that was doing no good, I finished up and ran out of the stall when the lights conveniently decided to turn back on. I was not pleased.

I mean, come on. Who designs a motion sensitive light with a 2 minute timer?

Oh a related tangent, I’m fairly convinced the bathrooms in the C&J bathroom are possessed. Why? We have the automatic flushing toilets in them,which flush at horrible times but that’s a story for a different time, and they ALWAYS flush when no one is anyone is near them and they get stuck flushing for like 5 minutes straight.

The sinks are no better. Once again we have the motion sensitive faucets because they are “good for the environment”. They only work for a short amount of time. The rest of the time they either: don’t turn on no matter how much you wave your hands under them (which causes you to walk across the building to another bathroom with soapy hands) OR turn on when no one is near them and stay on.

Whoever claimed that these inventions were good for the environment is  a damn liar.


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